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Filing For Express Entry Application

There are many ways of immigrating to Canada such as filing a sponsorship with the help of an immigration lawyer Toronto or simply applying for your work permit status with a valid job offer. Express Entry is not at all a new program for immigration. Instead, it is a new method which has been introduced by IRCC in the year 2015. In fact, with this program, one can even apply for permanent residents.

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The rules that govern the Express Entry application management system are:

Step 1: Potential Candidates Fill Out Online Express Entry Profile

Potential candidates need to fill and online express entry profile form. Here, they need to provide information about their work experience, skills, education, language ability, and other aspects. A candidate who meets the criteria of the program will be entered into a candidate pool.

Step 2: The Highest Ranking Candidates Can Apply

Each candidate is ranked against the others in the pool through a system based on points known as Comprehensive Ranking System. These points will be awarded depending on the details present on the profile. Candidates are awarded points based on:

  • A job offer
  • A nomination from a province or territory
  • Skills and experience

Apart from that candidates get additional points depending on:

  • Qualifying education in Canada
  • A valid job offer

The additional points can help a candidate to rank high enough and get invited to apply for next round. On getting invitation, a candidate gets 90 days to submit the application for their permanent residency.

Citizen and Immigration Canada will then start processing the complete application within 6 months.

Program Eligibility

Express Entry basically covers three of key economic immigration programs. They are:toronto immigration lawyer

  • The Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • The Federal Skilled Traders Program
  • The Canadian Experience Class

If a person becomes eligible to immigrate to Canada under one of the aforementioned federal immigration programs:

  • Person gets placed in a pool with others who are eligible.
  • Ranking is done based on several factors.
  • If a person becomes a top candidate, then they will be invited to apply for their permanent residency online.

Getting Prepared For Express Entry

  • You must take the IELTS-GT or the CELPIP-G exam.
  • Completing an ECA through any one of the selected agencies.

Important Points about Express Entry Application

Proof of Settlement Funds Needed

Applicants who do not have any LMIA validated job offer may need to provide proof of their settlement funds. As for applicants under the Federal Skilled Worker scheme, they need to show their settlement funds in their application. However, candidates under the Canadian Experience scheme will not have to submit such proof.

Exact Date Is Needed

Exact dates are now necessary for the address, the personal history, and the travel history sections. IRCC also asks for the exact dates of the travel.

Every Entry Gets Carried Over

Much of the vital data entered in the Express Entry Profile will automatically get carried over into the electronic Permanent Residence application. No changes can be made once this happens. So you must be careful while entering data for the first time.

CEC Applicants:

These applicants will have to do their Educational Credential Assessments. A CEC applicant who hasn’t completed their ECA through World Educational Services scores low points like 275-250. However, a completed ECA can help in boosting the scores to 400 drastically. Read this Immigration article for more info.

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